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  The efficient solution!  
  MWO is delivering all of their products in the cost-effective OneWay - Fluid-Bag with 900l or 1000 l capacity!  
from all four sides with forklifts and handtrucks. The One-Way Container is a single-trip multilayer foil container surrounded by strong polypropylene fabric to withstand rough handling. The barrier foil is PA fabric. The container is equipped with top and bottom valves for filling and discharging
Oneway-Fluid-Bag Transportation:
The One-Way Containers can be transported in stacks of two by road, rail or sea. There is space for 20 filled containers à 900 l in a 20 ft ISO container and 20 filled containers à 1000 l in a 12 m trailer

H/L/W: 1300/1150/1125 mm, Outlet: 2 inch
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